Investors Group Iran at Kish Invex 2016

The 3rd Kish International Exhibition of Exchange, Banking, Insurance and Privatization and the 8th International Exhibition for Presenting Iran’s Investment Opportunities, are about to be held simultaneously in November 2016 in the form of Kish Invex 2016 exhibition. This event would be useful for financial institutions, banks, insurance companies, the owners of the profitable projects and the executives of the investment projects in capital, energy, mining, tourism and construction markets; and would help them to pursue their objectives in an environment with an easy access to a large number of managers and officials in the areas mentioned above.

The most important objectives that Kish Invex 2016 pursues are introducing and understanding: the capabilities that local and foreign financial institutions possess; the capabilities and achievements of the country’s capital and insurance markets; the capabilities of the companies available at the stock market; providing modern banking and insurance services; enhancing the capacities for competition in monetary and capital markets with similar regional countries; and introducing investment opportunities in national strategies at macro level.

It is worth mentioning that appropriate facilities and equipment in Kish island, as well as facilitated traveling for foreign visitors (due to the island’s not-required visa policy), has made it easier for international companies and foreign investors to attend this event.

Given the re-emergence of Iran in global economics and the vast opportunities our country offers to foreign investors, it would be our honor to host as much as international and foreign companies as possible in Kish Invex 2016. Investors Group Middle East (IGM) is partner and participant at Kish Invex 2016.