Investment is the key to development and progress and the Government of the State of Kuwait is pursuing an aggressive investment policy to meet its development goals. Kuwait has always been a country open to foreign direct investment and is currently further opening up to foreign capital.Kuwait has introduced new corporate legislation to encourage and facilitate foreign direct investment.

The new regulations are part of recent measures that the Government has taken to attract investments as well as foreign companies that will generate employment and help develop their embryonic private sectors as part of the 2015-2020 National Development Plan. The passage of the new Company law, the establishment of an institutional framework for Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) and the Direct Investment Promotion Law are aimed at enhancing the confidence of investors and increasing investments in Kuwait.

Kuwait is currently laying the ground work for diversifying its economy which has seen it increase the focus on knowledge-based industries.The new regulations with 337 articles incorporate tried and tested measures including the creation of a 'one stop shop' for incorporation and licensing of new businesses.

In order to ease operating in Kuwait, single share holders are permitted to set up businesses for the first time and transfer shares in companies.