Oman offers stability, security, a predictable investment climate; respect for free markets, property rights, and rule of law; access to capital, good health care and schools, easy access to global markets through a modern infrastructure network, and a commitment to intellectual property rights enforcement.
The 9th Five-Year Plan for the Sultanate, which is the last of the series of Five-Year Plans for the Vision 2020, aims to cut non-core expenditure for investment spending on selected key programs and projects. Private sector role is considered to be backbone of the plan with emphasis being put on public private partnerships (PPPs). In a report by Oman Arab Bank, in the 9th Five-Year Plan statement total targeted investments of USD 106 billion will be funded by 52% from private investments with the balance coming from public investments. The private investments shall be in manufacturing (32.6%), services activities (37%) and 29% in infrastructure.
 Projects identified for PPPs are Oman Rail, Port Sultan Qaboos, Port Khasab, South Batinah Logistics Area, some fisheries projects, Ad Dhahirah Economic Area and Shinas Port. The government has announced the setting up of Mining Development Oman (MDO) with a capital of USD 260 million to be owned initially by government investment vehicles with a public offering of 40% later in the year. MDO will carry out both upstream and downstream activities related to mining as well as collaborate with the private sector.