Marketing & Sales


Clients are the most treasured possession of companies. However, they are aware that they have the choice between a variety of offers. Clients determine whether a product is a success or a failure.

The experience of multinational enterprises has revealed that certain basic arguments and advertising lines can be used globally as long as they have been adjusted to the individual market. Market stages as well as traditions and customs have to be taken into consideration. The knowledge of national characteristics, values and perception patterns is the key to successful and specific campaigns: Marketing and distribution in the MENA region are very different.

We are collaborating with companies from a wide range of sectors with the aim of analyzing consumer buying behavior, creating ideal distribution channels and effectively presenting the product to the final customer. Our extensive network will assist you in developing the market and building an individual distribution strategy specifically tailored towards the Middle Eastern market.

Development of marketing strategies for the MENA market

Targeted marketing

Brand management and communication strategies

Building of an corporate philosophy

Product design (packaging, label, design)

Product program analysis and optimization

Distribution channel and distribution network creation on site

Establishment of local call centers, Customer care centers and service hotline in the MENA region

Pricing concepts and development of goal-oriented pricing models

Public relations

Consulting of online corporate presence in the MENA region

Assistance with market development thanks to an extensive network throughout the entire Middle East